On Saturday September 15th Serenity on Saturday Group will be celebrating one year since they opened their doors to recovering addicts.

ORCNA XXXII takes place May 10th to 12th in Kingston. Here is a link with more details:


Ashley P New Hope Sept 13 1
Mitch You are No Longer Alone Sept 17 5
Mauro T Lonely Hearts Sept 18 1
Cam Unity Self Help Sept 21 17
Jim C You are No Longer Alone Sept 24 11
Terri G Lonely Hearts Sept 25 29
Steven H One Step Closer Oct 10 1
Doug K. You are No Longer Alone Oct 22 28
Eduard N Infinity Recovery Oct 24 2
Ryan B Courage to Change Oct 30 1
Mandy B Courage To Change Nov 6 17
Lino D Lonely Hearts Nov 6 1
Alex I Lonrly Hearts Nov 20 5



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