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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Hi everyone,

The cost for printing is .05 cents per side for 8.5 x 14, 501 copies .03 for over 1000.We printed 251 meeting lists this month 502 x .05 plus hst, plus the balance owing from last month.The PR committee met on October 11, 2018, there were 7 of us in total. And our committee discussed some ideas to get started. The PR committee would like to start a program that is called Adopt a Community Venue. Today we have a draft copy of the PR Adopt a Community Flyer, the Guidelines and the NA Poster with our new Scan bar code that links one to the web page. If the Subcommittee approves the project at its meeting this evening, the project will then be presented for area approval, including approval of the printed materials.Another project idea is to reach out to the newly elected School Board Trustees and introduce ourselves to the Public School Board. We have also sent an email to the York Support Services Network to introduce ourselves to them as part of our ongoing efforts to connect with our Community Partners.

As a follow up to the October DAW meeting, we’ve been contacted by the St. Augustine CHS to be guest speaker(s) at an upcoming event. They have not set the date yet as they are in the planning stages. But part of the focus this school year, and of this event is to raise awareness and taking a stance against impaired driving.

Just a reminder, The York Region Catholic School Board has scheduled the February Power conference. The date will be in or around Feb 16, 2019. We are also scheduled to participate in the health fair at Father McGivney June 3, 2019.

The Region has given us permission to use the Regional webinar service called “Go To Meeting”. The service permits us to hold a live meeting, on line, however, if one is using a shared or unsecured wifi,  they may get an optimum connection and there is also an option to phone in only. As administrator, if we hold a webinar, we will email an invitation to PR committee members in advance and the information will also be posted on the anchor web site. The next PR sub-committee meeting physical or webinar, will be determined by the committee this evening and then announced.

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