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literature order form


Please note that we, the Literature committee have reviewed the changes we made to our practices, during the Covid restrictions. We have found that we have strayed from our normal literature practices, which in turn has caused additional smaller orders being processed by ourselves and the regional literature committee and increased shipping costs for region, which in turn could cause an avoidable increase to our literature costs, in the future.

 In resolution, we have created a schedule for orders and pick up, until such time as area meets in person and we can resume our standard practice.

All literature orders will be processed on the day of area (the second Thursday of each month). 

All group and committee orders must be submitted by the end of the month

All payments for the orders must be e transferred to:  when the order is submitted. Question on e transfer : What is this for. Password 7thtradition.  Please indicate in the Notes section: the group or committee “name” and the word “Literature” 


All literature orders will be distributed on the Friday after the area meeting. Arrangements can be made for you to pick up the orders on that day.


If any payments for orders are received after the date required those orders will be processed in the following month.

Should you have any questions or concerns please bring them to the Area Service Committee meeting.

In Loving Service

Lisa B

Literature Chair

Policy's and Procedures Anchor Area

DEC 2021-PP-Revisions-Final


Meeting List

You may obtain a  downloadable and printable listing meetings through the Anchor Area Meetings

GSR Orientation Package


Group check list for Re opening meetings after Covid 19

Here are some suggestions to help groups with re opening

Checklist for Reopening Meetings

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