Good morning everyone,

I’d like to thank you for the opportunity to become the newest RCM for the Anchor Area, to be honest on the Saturday morning on the way to the Car workshop and again on Sunday as I was going to the regional meeting, |I was wondering if this is for me. That’s just how my disease tries to take over and keep me from growing.

During the 2 day regional event, I was kind of like a deer in the headlights, a little out of my element but I continued on and learned some information which is always and amazing feat for me to accomplish.

I’ve attached a copy of the minutes from region as well as a copy of the Car report. In the Car report there are a number of motions which will be voted on at the world conference in April of this year. I will be present tonight at our Area meeting and will have copies of the proposed motions for all GSR’s to take back to their homegroups for group conscience. Hopefully you will come back in March with your groups conscience for me to take to Region on your behalf.

There is some discussion and now an Ad Hoc committee is being formed in order to try to find some more information regarding making the regional literature position a paid position.

There are several events coming up, TACNA,ORCNA,CCNA,WCNA, a cruise, many convention kick off events. These are all posted on the website.